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“I really enjoy the process of reclaiming a closet or room and returning it to functional use. I love that moment when I look at a client’s face and see their new found peace of being able to use their space again.”

Tamarah Fosso

From an early age, Tamarah was fastidious. Her mother will gladly tell you that Tamarah was uncommonly orderly compared to her siblings. Whether she was rearranging her bedroom furniture or color coding her dolls’ accessories, she loved organizing. After graduating from The Ohio State University with a B.S in Economics, Tamarah moved to D.C and launched her company Simply Organized Services. Simply Organized Services was a way for her to work with her passion for restoring function to the home in her life B.C (before kids).

Tamarah slowed down her work for clients to focus on her children after getting married. Now that her children are out of diapers (and very tidy little people) she’s able to bring her focus back to the dedication and joy of bringing order to her client’s homes.


Looking for a job?

Lifestyle Organizer and Brand Ambassador #1

  • Proficiency managing and maintaining multiple simultaneous customer projects through all phases of the project.
  • Closing sales efficiently while building repeat and referral business.
  • Actively leading and participating in the daily maintenance of the showroom and visual presentation of the store.

Lilou HSO (Part-Time)

Lifestyle Organizer

  • Enthusiastically design custom spaces!
  • A hard worker with a heart for service and an eye for detail.
  • Collaborate and communicate with customers to design and present customized project plans to customers in a clear and professional manner.

Lilou HSO (Part-Time)

Account Manager and Customer Service Specialist #2

  • Proficiency with office technology and typical administrative tasks.
  • Proficiency with Microsoft Office including Excel, Word, and general computer skill.
  • Customer Service skills

Lilou HSO (Part-Time)