“ Our organizing clients work with us in two simple ways: Option 1. We organize YOUR items with YOUR existing system (ie. existing shelves, drawers etc) or Option 2: We create something awesome! We design and install a brand new solution for the best use of space in your home.”

We do
the work!

We design, build and install your new system to organize your space! We are your one stop shop for all things organization. We leverage the expertise of our licensed, bonded and insured in-house contractor to create beautiful systems in your home.  We offer custom labeling, and decals to add a personal touch to your organization project.

Each solution is a unique representation of our commitment to get your home in order and help you or your family be more productive and live a more organized lifestyle.

DIY project

  • Perfect for handy people!
  • Email correspondence with no evaluation fee per project.
  • Complete set of instructions (including product placement & shopping list).


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  • Perfect for getting organized!
  • Four free hours of organizing (per year; 2 hours every 6 months).
  • One complimentary admission to an in-store event.
  • 10% off All Organizing Evaluations.